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Our First Session

This page will walk you through what to expect upon your visit with Heather at her office. Heather can't wait to meet you!

Heather Hale - Hale-0006.jpg

My name is Heather and I am a therapist.  A therapist is someone who helps people understand their feelings. 

Soon you will be visiting my office with your mom and dad, just a mom or dad or someone else very special to you. 

The outside of the office building looks like this:

new pic 6.jpg

When you enter the building you will walk down a long hallway and find the last door on the right.


When you enter my office there is a waiting room that looks like this. 

There are toys for you to play with and water to drink while you and your family member wait for me to greet you.  There is also coffee and tea for your grownups. 

new pic 5.jpg
new pic 3.jpg

I will then invite you to visit my playroom.  The playroom has a lot of toys to play with.

new pic 2.jpg
new pic 4.jpg

Sometimes parents and I meet first while you wait in the waiting room.  After I talk to your grownup then I’ll spend time talking with you.


Children, teenagers and even adults come to see me to talk about their feelings.  We also talk about the good things in their life and things that are not going so well.


I am a safe person to share your feelings with.  We do this by playing games, talking and playing with toys.

When it is time to leave you can choose a gem to take with you.  In a week or two I will see you again in my office with your grown-up.  


I am excited to meet you!

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