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Go With That!
An introduction for children and caregivers to EMDR and Play Therapy 

We are excited to announce "Go With That!" is released.

How to purchase:
1. Amazon 
Go With That!: Hale, Heather, Beckley-Forest, Helen: 9798218060206: Amazon.com: Books
2. Barnes and Nobles Go With That! by Heather Hale, Helen Beckley-Forest, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com)
3. Buy directly from me- heather@heatherhaletherapy.com    ---e-mail me directly to purchase and ship.  

Meet the Illustrator

Helen Beckley-Forest is a painting major currently studying at Pratt

Institute in Brooklyn, NY. She illustrated her first children’s book

Pumpkin and Squeaks in 2017 and has recently been honing her skills to

continue her passion. She hopes to illustrate more therapy books in

the future so that children and adults may find comfort in seeing

their emotions and experiences on a page.


Adalina and Eli Play Together
A story about friendship

front of book.jpg

Children with sensory processing disorder (SPD) can have a difficult time interacting with their teachers, peers, and even parents. When children are out of sync with their senses and bodies, everyday life can be challenging. This simple story helps to bring awareness to children’s struggles, and the attunement needed from caregivers and environment.

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